The National PONY Board of Directors has approved a change in the baseball age determination date from April 30 to August 31 starting in 2018. Beginning next year (2018 season), a baseball player’s league age will be their age on August 31. This rule change will align PONY member leagues with USA Baseball, the governing board for amateur baseball in the US. Little League Baseball recently made this change as well.

This change will mean that current players born between May 1 and August 31 will advance an age year going into the 2018 season. For example, a player born in July 2007 will play this upcoming 2017 season in Mustang Division as a 10-year old because they are age 10 on the current April 30 determination date. With the age determination change next year, this player will continue on to Bronco Division as usual, but will do so as a 12-year old player, being age 12 on the new August 31 determination date. As a result of the change in 2018, some players may have one less year in a PONY Division than would have been otherwise.

As a member of the national PONY organization, Seattle PONY will implement these changes next year. If you are a parent of a child who could be affected by this change and have questions, we encourage you to contact your Division’s Commissioner.