Seattle PONY Baseball & Softball Policies

Seattle PONY Baseball & Softball Policies

Seattle PONY Baseball's Board of Directors have adopted the policies listed below. 

Parent and Player Code of Conduct (link)

Age Eligibility Information

Effective in 2009, National PONY Baseball adopted a rule allowing local PONY organizations to decide whether to permit players to "play up" under a new "And Under" age system. Based on this new rule, The Board of Directors of Seattle PONY Baseball has adopted a modified "And Under" policy for determining age eligibility for specific divisions.

Financial Assistance

Seattle PONY is committed to providing all children an opportunity to play ball. With the help of our corporate sponsors and our generous individual families we continue to offer financial assistance to those whom it will help to participate.

Please contact the league player agent for more information.

Refund Policy

Player participation fees are non-refundable, as noted in our online registration process. However, division commissioners have discretion to assess the merit of a refund request and then to either deny or consider approval of a partial refund (the fee paid less administrative costs amounting to $25), subject to prior consultation and agreement with the Player Agent.

Adopted by resolution of the Board of Directors of Seattle PONY Baseball League on 11-18-04.

Policy on Personal Information

Seattle PONY Baseball (SPB) coaches and volunteers will have access to certain personal information regarding players and their families. SPB recognizes the sensitive and confidential nature of some of this information and therefore all SPB coaches and volunteers must abide by this SPB Policy on Personal Information. This policy supplements SPB's Privacy Policy posted on its website.

Distribution and use of personal information

Player and family information is to be distributed only to division commissioners and coaches. The division commissioners are responsible for distribution of such information to the coaches and, where applicable, general managers of each team. The information distributed to coaches and general managers is limited to the minimum information needed by the coaches and general managers to manage the team and communicate with the families (generally, player names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and month and year of birth). Any additional information needed by coaches or general managers, such as birth certificates, is to be obtained when and as needed from the applicable division commissioner and must be destroyed when the purpose for which such information was obtained is no longer valid.

Information contained on rosters distributed to team families must be limited only to the names of the players. Coaches and general managers may distribute rosters with contact information (telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses) if they provide reasonable notice to parents and provide them with the opportunity to opt out of having their contact information included on the team roster. The opportunity to opt out should be given to parents at least two days before the distribution of the team roster with contact information.

SPB recognizes that in certain circumstances, more sensitive personal information will have to be shared with coaches and general managers for further distribution outside of SPB (e.g., tournament registrations) and that SPB will not have control over the use and distribution of this information once it is distributed outside of SPB.

E-mail communication with player families

Persons sending group e-mails are encouraged to list player and parent e-mail addressees in the "bcc" field rather than the "to" field to limit unwelcome disclosure and use of personal e-mail addresses.

Adopted by resolution of the Board of Directors of Seattle PONY Baseball League on 03-09-06.

All-Star and Tournament Teams Policy (Link)